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Checklist: 5 Ways to Help Your Child

Here is a helpful five-step checklist for parents to help their kids get ready for testing. It features links to a host of resources from PARCC and partners such as the National Parent Teacher Association, Learning Heroes, Raise the Bar, and Great Kids, that provide parents and teachers with a host of information about the tests. Download PDF >

PARCC Test Guide for Parents

PARCC Test Guide for Parents
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Teacher Survey About Score Reports

If your students have received their PARCC score reports, we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us improve the score reports for next year. Take a short survey here.   Visit website >

NAACP's Hilary Shelton on the importance of good assessments

Hilary Shelton of the NAACP explains why high-quality assessments are a crucial educational tool that helps students, parents and teachers. Watch the video >

How is PARCC going to lead to better classroom instruction?

A Maryland educator talks about PARCC's alignment to classroom instruction and how students benefit from it. Watch the video >

How does PARCC mirror good classroom instruction?

Mary Ann Snider of the Rhode Island Department of Education outlines how PARCC measures the skills we want educators to teach in the classroom every day. Watch the video >

What's important to know about the PARCC assessment?

A teacher from Illinois explains the purpose of PARCC and how it fits into the cycle of instruction.

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What action will educators take after receiving the PARCC results?

Dr. Bari Erlichson of the New Jersey Department of Education outlines how teachers and school administrators are going to use the PARCC scores to improve student learning. Watch the video >

How Performance Levels are Set

An explanation of the detailed process of determining performance levels -- what score a student must earn on the PARCC assessment in order to achieve a particular performance level. Watch the video >

Good tests help Classroom Instruction

Teacher Sarena White talks about the value of good assessments. Watch the video >

PTA Guide to State Assessments

After the adoption of new college and career standards, states developed new tests to measure student achievement of the standards to determine whether they are on track from grade to grade and for life after high school. National PTA has compiled all the resources parents need to learn more about these new state assessments. Visit website >

What Parents Need to Know

Find out what you need to know about the PARCC assessment.   Watch the video >

Testing the Things that we Value

Find out how the PARCC assessments are different from other tests.   Watch the video >

Teachers Talk PARCC

Videos of teachers from across the PARCC states talk about the tests and what to expect.   Visit website >

Understanding the New State Test

Great Kids has more information on the tests in your state and resources to help your child.   Visit website >

PARCC Practice Test

From practice tests to directions on how to navigate the test and use the features, the PARCC website contains a wealth of information for parents and students.   Visit website >

PARCC Assessments Explained

Be A Learning Hero video shows what to expect with new assessments and how they are different.   Visit website >

PARCC Listened

PARCC relied on the expertise of teachers in the development of PARCC assessments.   Watch the video >

Helping Students Get Ready For College

Is your child ready for college? Find out how the PARCC assessments can help your child prepare for the future.   Watch the video >

Value of a Computer-Based Test

Find out how your child will benefit from a computer-based test. Watch the video >

How Teachers Will Use Scores to Help Students

Find out how teachers will use your child's score.   Watch the video >

PARCC From Start to Finish

Download the PARCC timeline to learn more about the assessment process.

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