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Parent Score Report Guides

The PARCC score report guides are designed to help parents and guardians better understand the wealth of information contained in the individual score summaries. The PDF features guides for both English language arts and mathematics reports, though it is important to keep in mind that specific states may include slightly customized information on their reports. Download PDF >

How should parents and students use the PARCC score report?

An English professor from Massachusetts explains how students and parents can use the PARCC score report as a roadmap for achieving college and career readiness by graduation. Watch the video >

PARCC Released Items

The PARCC consortium has released the test questions from this year's PARCC end-of-year assessments. Click the link below to view the PDF versions of the released items, and to learn more about assessments in the classroom. Visit website >

Your Child's PARCC Score: 5 Things you Should Know

A national teacher of the year shares her thoughts on the most important things parents should know about their child's PARCC score. Download PDF >

What parents should know about PARCC

Dr. Bari Erlichson of the New Jersey Department of Education explains what kind of information parents will find on the PARCC score report and how they should use the scores to support their child. Watch the video >

Different Test, New Results

A teacher writes about why the new test scores might look different - and why parents shouldn't be worried about that. Visit website >

What happens when students are not ready for college by graduation?

An English professor from Massachusetts describes how students who are not college-ready by graduation often struggle in post-secondary education.

Watch the video >

New Video: Understanding the Score Report

Teachers walk through the score report step-by-step.  They let parents know what to expect and provide tips on how they can support their child. Watch the video >

Parent Teacher Conversation Guide

Raise the Bar has useful videos and a check list to help you prepare for conversations with your child’s teacher.   Download PDF >

What does a more Rigorous Test Mean?

Elementary school principal Emil Carafa explains the value of a more rigorous test. Watch the video >

How Teachers use PARCC Results

Math Interventionist Kristina Sparfven talks about putting the PARCC results to use in the classroom. Watch the video >

Setting a New Baseline: New Test, New Scores

Why PARCC scores look different than scores on previous state tests.   Download PDF >

Advice from a Mom

A Mom and expert provides tips on using score information.   Visit website >

Preparing America’s Students for Success

Learn more about the new learning standards for each grade level in your state.   Visit website >

Teachers talk PARCC

What to expect from PARCC scores.   Watch the video >

Parent Guide to Student Success

The National PTA’s guide to the standards and expectations for students in each grade level, from Kindergarten to High School. Download PDF >

Raising the Bar

What you need to know about your child's PARCC score.   Watch the video >