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Ready for the Test

The National PTA, in conjunction with Learning Heroes, has released the Family Playbook, featuring tips and practice tests to help parents work with their children ensure they are ready and confident for their tests. Also, The Readiness Roadmap Toolkit has interactive guides for parents to get the most out of parent-teacher conferences, grade-by-grade expectations for learning, how to plan for their child's college years, and much more. Visit website >

PARCC Test Guide for Parents

PARCC Test Guide for Parents
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PARCC Released Items

The PARCC consortium has released the test questions from this year's PARCC end-of-year assessments. Click the link below to view the PDF versions of the released items, and to learn more about assessments in the classroom. Visit website >

Teacher Survey About Score Reports

If your students have received their PARCC score reports, we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us improve the score reports for next year. Take a short survey here.   Visit website >

Different Test, New Results

A teacher writes about why the new test scores might look different - and why parents shouldn't be worried about that. Visit website >

Be a Learning Hero

This useful site has a variety of great resources for parents on the PARCC test, including links to tools, videos and FAQs. In addition, parents can find helpful information about the changes taking place in the classroom, as well as a "Learning Tools" search engine, where parents can search by state, grade, and subject to locate resources in math and English Language Arts to support their child at home.   Visit website >

PTA Guide to State Assessments

After the adoption of new college and career standards, states developed new tests to measure student achievement of the standards to determine whether they are on track from grade to grade and for life after high school. National PTA has compiled all the resources parents need to learn more about these new state assessments. Visit website >

Academic Tips and Guides

The Parent Toolkit was designed by NBC News Education Nation and Pearson to help parents and caregivers navigate their child’s holistic development and journey from pre-kindergarten through high school. It is designed to help track and support a child’s progress at each stage in academics, social & emotional development, and health & wellness. Visit website >

Advice from a Mom

A Mom and expert provides tips on using score information.   Visit website >

Teachers Talk PARCC

Videos of teachers from across the PARCC states talk about the tests and what to expect.   Visit website >

Understanding the New State Test

Great Kids has more information on the tests in your state and resources to help your child.   Visit website >

PARCC Practice Test

From practice tests to directions on how to navigate the test and use the features, the PARCC website contains a wealth of information for parents and students.   Visit website >

PARCC Assessments Explained

Be A Learning Hero video shows what to expect with new assessments and how they are different.   Visit website >

Preparing America’s Students for Success

Learn more about the new learning standards for each grade level in your state.   Visit website >

Scholastic School Success

A wealth of resources for parents to support their child, from what to expect for each grade, printable worksheets and homework help.   Visit website >

Common Sense Media Essential School Tools

Contains apps and games aligned to the English Language Arts and math standards for students at different grade levels.   Visit website >

Great Schools Videos

Watch grade-level and content-specific videos of learning in action for grades K through 5.   Visit website >