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Parent Score Report Guides

The PARCC score report guides are designed to help parents and guardians better understand the wealth of information contained in the individual score summaries. The PDF features guides for both English language arts and mathematics reports, though it is important to keep in mind that specific states may include slightly customized information on their reports. Download PDF >

Checklist: 5 Ways to Help Your Child

Here is a helpful five-step checklist for parents to help their kids get ready for testing. It features links to a host of resources from PARCC and partners such as the National Parent Teacher Association, Learning Heroes, Raise the Bar, and Great Kids, that provide parents and teachers with a host of information about the tests. Download PDF >

Your Child's PARCC Score: 5 Things you Should Know

A national teacher of the year shares her thoughts on the most important things parents should know about their child's PARCC score. Download PDF >

Parent Teacher Conversation Guide

Raise the Bar has useful videos and a check list to help you prepare for conversations with your child’s teacher.   Download PDF >

Setting a New Baseline: New Test, New Scores

Why PARCC scores look different than scores on previous state tests.   Download PDF >

Parent Guide to Student Success

The National PTA’s guide to the standards and expectations for students in each grade level, from Kindergarten to High School. Download PDF >

PARCC From Start to Finish

Download the PARCC timeline to learn more about the assessment process.

Download PDF >